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Infant osteopathy is a specialty, it is a passion.

Treating infants is really awesome.
On a regular basis I get infants a few weeks old, like the girl in the picture here under.

The litlle lady had reflux issues and extreme hiccups during breastfeeding, also it was troublesome to get her dressed without crying.

Already after one treatment the girl good be dressed without a sound, better even she fell a sleep during treat ment and kept on sleeping for a few hours, apparently she needed the rest really bad. These moments really make my day, it such a complete meltdown moment.

These are the true gifts in my Job, a little baby coming in crying,  even during treatment and home a sleep. You can imagine how mum and dad felt, the are looking at some vast sleep themselves as well.

After the second treatment after 8 days or so, the reflux problems were as good as gone.
After a check up 2 months later still no pain and I was looking at a healthy growing funny lady. The hiccups were complete history an breastfeeding went very well.

In my opinion osteopathy should be that way.
A gentle treatment, completely tuned to your infant and I will engage you as a parent in the treatment as well.
Where ever and when ever you will be assisting me treating your child.

It is good to see that with relatively easy handling such tremendous value can be added to the lives of both child and parents.

Infant Osteopathy is gentle treatment for your child and can be applied to almost all infant trouble you come across.
Infant osteopathy goes further then cranial-sacral osteopathy, the treatment involves all body.

examples for treatment are reflux, hiccups, belly pain, pain in the ears, overstretching and one sided moving pattern.

My treatment is based on growth direction initiated during the embryologic  and fetal period. Growth goes on as it started, but there is a lot of logic to learn from this.

Do you want to know if I can be of any value for you or your infant please do give call 06 33179417

care is covered by the Dutch anvullende zorg  insurance.

My practice details can be found here.

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Moments like your baby leaves my practice sleeping make my day

Besides my osteopathic practice I also teach.
I am an embryology teacher for osteopaths at college Sutherland in Amsterdam where i also teach integrative massage techniques and biophysics.